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Hey, AOL, stop fucking stuff up! - Iron-Curtain Computer Group LJ Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Hey, AOL, stop fucking stuff up! [Jul. 14th, 2004|06:08 pm]
Iron-Curtain Computer Group LJ Community
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

We were fine with your little punk ass AOL Gateway (it's not an ISP) software and you just had to push it didn't you? First it was Winamp, then it was ICQ, now you've turned two excellent pieces of software into fucking shit! Even your crappy Instant Messaging client has gotten worse (and we didn't think that was possible). But, enough of me just telling you, let me show you why.

Winamp used to be a great mp3 player for Windows, it was awesome, kicked ass, but then AOL came along. At first they really didn't fuck anything up, but then Winamp 3 came out. Sure, it was short lived, because it was a complete piece of shit. It was completely different from the original Winamp 2.x series and lacked things like jumping to file. After a while they setup classic.winamp.com so you could download the 2.x series. And that was okay, because I could still get my nice and pretty Winamp, while all the fuck tards and drug addicts admired the retardedness of Winamp 3. BUT THEN! Winamp 5! Wait, what the fuck happened to 4? Oh yeah, 2+3=5, har har, clever AOL, that's really fucking clever. Well Winamp 5 restored their jump to file, got rid of that goofy fucking graphical menu, and it was actually quite nice, that is, until I tried to go into the properties and actually configure something the way I fucking liked it. They have everything totally disorganized, moved, renamed, and all fucked up like February. So I say, FUCK WINAMP 5! Someone give me the 2.x installer, please =).

ICQ, Damn, I remember when I first got ICQ, and I've only had two numbers since then, I forgot the original, and the second one is 44012313, which I still use now. I think it was early 1997, anyway, back then ICQ was owned by this company mirabilis, and ICQ kicked ass, and at that time is when AIM first came out and like now, it was a piece of shit. A lot of people don't realize that in the early versions of AIM there was no file send, direct connect, buddy icons, or anything. That stuff didn't come along until about 1999 and 2000. Way after ICQ had file send. Anyway, so AOL bought these guys out, and no one really seemed to notice at first. That is until, AOL finally released their client. It had fucking ads on the bottoms of all the message windows... big fucking ads.. Not only that but they fucked it up, took out cool things, and added more useless shit. Now the ICQ client is.. well.. I don't know, I use Miranda ICQ.

AIM was always crappy, but I'd say AIM 4.x wasn't too bad, it had a lot of cool features like the ones I mentioned when talking about ICQ, and it didn't have any shit like it does now. So, what happened AOL? Did you want to try to compete with MSN and Yahoo! or something? Well, if so, you did a terrible fucking job at it. One of the first things I noticed about the new versions of AIM, was "AIM Expressions", what are those? Well, if you want to do the new, cool, hip thing, you can customize your AIM client to have big fucking art on the side of the buddy list, making the buddy list a hell of a lot wider than it needs to be, and you can have big ass AIM windows with pieces of "Art" off to the side that serve no purpose other than to distract you from the dumb ass colours and spellings that the people you're talking to use. But you could turn it off, so, not too bad. Then AOL decided to add multi-signons with the same screenname, that's just fucking annoying. I wish I could turn that horse shit off. Can anyone say, "security risk"? Also, they allow you to use the client to sign on more than one screenname, adding more useless shit to the client, and wasting my disk space -- trying to be like Gaim I guess. And they also added the invisible button.. what? Useless, they're just trying to make AIM like ICQ.

So, conclusion? AOL needs to stop fucking up their software, and until that happens, I'm not using any AOL product or serivce, please join me and stop the madness and stupidity. See you on IRC:

sifl on EFnet usually in #iron-curtain